World Usability Day (WUD) is a one-day series of events occurring around the world that brings together communities to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use.

WUD has a rich history in the Puget Sound, and events have taken place here for more than thirteen years. Within those years, various companies have held their own WUD events—sometimes public, sometimes private—including Microsoft, Google, Boeing, and Disney. Eventually a group of like-minded professionals came together with the goal of making Puget Sound WUD an event in which the entire UX community could always be a part of.

This became PSWUD, an opportunity for industry professionals, students, career changers, influencers, local companies, and the passionately curious, to be part of a celebration and learn more about design, its impact, and usability.

Meet the PSWUD Team

  • Image of Michael Berg

    Michael Berg

    Senior UX Researcher at Amazon

    Mike is currently a researcher at Amazon. He has been helping with the a local World Usability Day event since it started in 2005… except in 2007 when he flew to Chicago WUD event to meet Don Norman. He values how PSWUD is a chance for the local community to celebrate UX work, and explore new ideas and methods.

  • Image of Stephen Giff

    Stephen Giff

    UX Manager at Google

    Stephen is a User Experience Manager on Google Cloud. He has been part of the WUD Planning committee since 2016 and has also been a regular emcee. Passionate about the UX Research discipline, he loves to spend his time thinking about how to evolve the role of UX Research to address the changing of needs of design and tech.

  • Image of Flora May dela Cruz

    Flora May dela Cruz

    Lead UX Researcher at Piktorlabs

    Flora has been one of the organizers of World Usability Day events since 2018. Presently, she is a Lead UX Researcher in Piktorlabs. Her long-term career in the field Information Technology as a Program Manager has been helpful in conducting quantitative research for Cloud products. She always has a sweet spot in project management and organizing events in general.

  • Image of Joshua Baker

    Joshua Baker

    UX Designer at WSECU

    Josh has been a member of the planning committee for PSWUD since 2017. As a UX designer he has tackled projects for the city of Seattle, Uber, the National Democratic Training Committee, and is presently working in financial services with a team of amazing ux'ers. He is currently the primary designer for WSECU's digital banking platform. A UW alum, he earned a masters from the Human Centered Design & Engineering program in 2018, and is currently serving on the department's Alumni Leadership Board. Josh loves meeting new people and sharing stories, so don't be afraid to reach out and say 'Hi'.

  • Image of Katrina Liu

    Katrina Liu

    UX Director at Plain Concepts

    Katrina is a UX leader with 13+ years of experience in the field. She is the UX Director at Plain Concepts by day, UX community leader by night. On top of being part of the PSWUD planning committee, she also leads the Ladies that UX Seattle group.

  • Image of Michele Gee

    Michele Gee

    UX Designer at Amazon

    Michele is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan where she majored in User Experience Design. She currently works full time at Amazon supporting Smart Home on Alexa enabled devices.

  • Image of Jessica Bao

    Jessica Bao

    UX Researcher at Amazon

    Jessica is currently working at Amazon Alexa Skills Kit as a UX Researcher. When she’s not working, she is always on the hunt for cool coffee shops and concerts as they are great ways to meet new people and make connections with them, which is what I am most passionate about.

  • Image of Zhuofan (Flower) Hua

    Zhuofan (Flower) Hua

    Research Assistant at Shanze Partners PLLC

    Flower has been a part of PSWUD organizing committee since 2019. She is the founder of Flip Through UX Book Club located in Seattle. She’s a future tech UX lawyer who is passionate about applying user centered principles in the legal realm.

  • Image of Britnie Chin

    Britnie Chin

    Student at University of Washington

    Britnie is a Junior at the University of Washington studying Human Centered Design and Engineering, hoping to combine UX Research and Business. If you’ve stumbled upon last year’s PSWUD social media movement, those are Britnie’s brilliance.

  • Image of Ethel Xu

    Ethel Xu

    Student at University of Washington

    Ethel is an adventurous enterprise UX designer who thrives in cross-functional and fast-paced environments. She thrives in working with ambiguity and complex problems in the enterprise product space. In Ethel’s free time, you will find her anywhere but her home. She loves trying out new things and new sports.

  • Image of Aaron Benjamin

    Aaron Benjamin

    Staff UX Designer at The Home Depot

    UX Strategist. Inclusive design advocate. Afraid of roller coasters.

  • Image of Yi-le Zhang

    Yi-le Zhang

    Student at University of Washington

    (Pronounce as Yee-La) is a master student in the UW HCDE program with a background in psychology. After found her interest in bridging the human-factor research and design, she pivots to the user experience realm and started her journey. She has gone through a UX bootcamp and worked on a handful of projects with companies as a UX designer.

  • Image of Jiazheng(Jason) Huang

    Jiazheng(Jason) Huang

    Student at The University of Arizona

    Jiazheng(Jason) is a student at the University of Arizona studying Computer Science. After a few years of study in computer science, he realized his passion lies in a field that combines UX and programming, which is what he is trying to achieve in the future. Apparently, he is cat person.